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On Track Dog Training enclosed paddock


Lancashire; .An Exclusive Use Area


The dog park is now fenced off and ready for use.We have put together a voluntary group to form a constitution now known as Pennine Community Dog Reserves and this group will manage the reserve applying for funding to build a path, plant a native hedge and landscape the area to provide training/exercise areas. Many, many thanks to all those who helped get this project off the ground and continue to support. This will be the first reserve of its kind and we could become just a little famous!

The park is to be used by owners who have difficulty finding a safe enclosed area to free run their dog and also as a safe area to train recalls. In addition it offers facilities for groups of people to practise and train in safety. It is run independantly of On Track Dog Training School as a non-profit making venture. All monies collected from field use  go to maintain and improve the area.

Dog Park Use - £30 for 3 months (this cost can be split with friends who share the slot with you)