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Tracy Cooper enclosed paddock


Buckinghamshire; Hertfordshire; 4 - 6 Feet Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A. Pre-booked Groups Welcome; A Fun Agility Course (Not Kennel Club Standard) Available; 2 - 4 Acres; Middlesex; 4 feet or just under fence height; A Water supply Available; .has stock fencing; A Coded Locked Gate User access only; A. Livestock and horses can be present in adjacent fields in view


Secure 4 acre field with 4 foot post and rail fencing with stock fencing. Home agility equipment and able to drive into the field. Private use, hired out by the hour. £5.00 up to 3 dogs per person/owner £10.00 per hour for 4 or more per person/owner.  Proceeds go to Collie Rescue.

As I have a full time job please feel free to email me for bookings.