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Waterhounds Hydrotherapy - Fields / Fun Dog Agility & Dog Training


Essex; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; A. Agility (Professional) Equipment Available; 4 - 6 Acres; 4 feet or just under fence height


Here in Dunmow we have 4 acres of lush green fields. 

Bookings - Each booking is 1hr 30 mins. We ask that owners have their dogs back in their vehicle and ready to leave 5 mins before the end time of their booking. Arriving owners please do not enter before your actual booking time. 

Parking - As you come through the main gate please park in this first car park, there are 2 dedicated parking spaces directly in front of the metal gates to the fields. Parking diagram located on message board in the covered area which is just in front of the barn in this car park. Dogs are to remain on their leads in the parking areas and can be let off once in the field. smile

Please do not block this first yard as hydrotherapy clients arrive on the hour and need access to get to the top car park.

The Fencing in the Fields - There is a section of post and rail between the fields but as you get use of all 4 acres we have not placed mesh on this. The actual fencing itself is mainly wire / mesh fencing and stands at about 4 foot high, it is not dug into the ground. There are some areas of plastic fencing. Please note there are 2 x access points for the deer, both are about 1.5 foot wide and these will be pointed out to you on your first visit. The deer tend to come through very early in the morning and then again towards sunset. If the deer come through when you are there you will need to place your dogs back onto their leads or ensure they do not run after the deer. laughing

The Fields - 4 acres of fields which are mainly grass, there are some nice shady spots for hotter weather, our regular clients tend of a summer bring a picnic with them and enjoy sitting in the shade and chilling out. We have a rain water ditch that runs across part of the fields, always good for a mud bath. Please note that there are gaps under the entrance gates to the field, this is so that the gates can be opened, this gap varies in size depending if the grass / mud has been trodden down or not. cool

Poop Bin - There is a poop bin on the post and rail fencing, please pick up your dogs poop, bag it and bin it.

The covered area - We have a small covered area in front of the barn in the first car park, in here you will find information boards and long lines if they have not been borrowed. You will also find a fresh water tap here, to turn this on go to the main tap at the side of our house where there is a diagram showing you what taps to switch on / off. Please turn off before you leave. 

Price - 1 to 5 dogs = £8 p/h

6 dog plus - please call us to make arrangements.

For doggie parties or larger groups please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Other Services - We also carry out classes in:- Fun Dog Agility / Obedience / Recall and Socialisation details of which can be found on the message boards in the covered area. Agility equipment can only been used if booked into a fun dog agility class. laughing

Please note: There is no smoking / vaping permitted at our site. If deer come through please place your dogs on their leads until the deer have left. If you see your dogs digging up our fields please stop them. Owners are still responsible for their dogs at our premises therefore it is up to the owners to ensure their dogs are safe. Thank you.  Please note that we carry out field management and therefore when this is being undertaken some areas will be fenced off (no access).