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Four Acres Doggy Day Camp - Secure play field


Cheshire; Greater Manchester; Lancashire; Merseyside; .An Exclusive Use Area ; 1 - 2 Acres


Do you have an Unsociable or Section 1 Dog?

At Four Acres we know that our Day Camp is not for all dogs, most love it but there are many who just can't be with others, some through no fault of their own.

Unsociable or Section 1 dogs rarely get to run free and spend most of their exercise time on a lead or wearing a muzzle​, we can help you change that! It's a wonderful thing to see them experience this level of freedom which can be so rare for them.

Our exclusive field hire gives your dog just what it says!  EXCLUSIVE use of our 1 Acre main Day Camp field for your dog to run freely.

Newly Rescued Dog?

Have you just rescued a dog and don't know how their recall will be? It's a worry for many owners of rescue dogs whether they will come back when released in the open, with our secure field you can rest in the knowledge that should that happen, they can only go so far.  

Are you a Dog Walker, Sitter or Trainer?

Use our field exclusively so you can exercise your clients dogs without distraction or worry.

Our field is available for exclusive hire outside of our Day Camp hours of business, after 6pm on weekdays and all weekend.  

Rates are from £7.50 per hour for one dog, £12.50 for two to three.
Dog professionals please telephone for rates.