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Paws And Play Paddock


Lincolnshire; Nottinghamshire; 4 - 6 Feet Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A. Pre-booked Groups Welcome; A Hardstanding Car Park; .under 1 acre; A Water supply Available; A. Seating or Benches Available



A fully enclosed half an acre dog exercise field in a small village location. The fencing is 4ft 5 high with post and 2 rail with netting all the way around with a small section of 6ft high fencing along the bottom edge. There are tyres and tunnels in the field for the dogs and seating for the people. There is a field shelter from the wind and rain, we recently installed toilet facilities, a dog scent/herb garden, more enrichment activities/equipment and toys. For the future there is the possibility of raising the fencing height at some point, a doggy digging pit and more!

30 minute and 1 hour slots available, or multiples of. Booking is through my Facebook page messenger at 'paws and play paddock' I also accept phone bookings to 01777228153 and 07740662559.

We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate up to 8 dogs in the field at a time. People we have had use our field has been very diverse, we have had puppy parties, training teams for flyball, various dogs with reactivity or recall issues, bitches in season who cannot go off lead in public spaces, old dogs and dogs after surgery and rescue dogs who have yet to be off lead with their new owners and they are not sure how they will act. 

*2019 update*We now offer weekend dog social groups you can attend with friendly dogs and a force free trainer from 'The Canine Academy' uses our field to run classes with a difference...