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No need for a lead enclosed dog field.


Warwickshire; West Midlands; 4 - 6 Feet Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; .under 1 acre


Dog Field Hire.

We are delighted to offer a unique opportunity for you to spend time with your big without unwanted interruptions.

No need for a lead provides a very safe and secure enclosure where you can take your best friend to run free of lead.

It's 1 acre of secure well maintained field with 6ft heavy duty galvanised metal mesh fencing  (5cm x 5cm square mesh).

The entrance is a solid galvanised gate also 6ft and very secure once inside.

You and your dogs will have exclusive use of the field for the duration of your stay.

We welcome energetic and boisterous dogs that just want to run free and have fun.

This exercise field is also perfect for sensitive or nervous dogs who have had bad experiences with other dogs and can no longer socialise with other in public areas or those who my have poor recallwho can not be let off lead and relied upon to come back.

Our field is away from livestock, traffic and the public.


Parking is off road and secure in a close proximity to the enclosure.

Open 7 days a week from dawn till dusk.

There is a 15 mins swap over period between each booking to allow for safe arrival and departure for our vistors. 


1 hour £10 (1-6 dogs belonging to the same house hold)

30 minutes £6 (1-6 dogs belonging to the same house hold)

Booking by appointment only.

Dog walkers, trainning groups and households with larger number of dogs - prices to be arranged.

All dogs using this facility will be required to have a up to date full vaccinations. 

On first visit we would require to verify your dogs vaccination cards to ensure the wellbeing of all visitors.