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Lowfield Meadow


Yorkshire; .An Exclusive Use Area ; 1 - 2 Acres


Lowfield Meadow is a new and exlcusive private 1 acre fully enclosed off lead dog exercise park. Situated on Lowfield Road, Monk Fryston, Leeds, LS25 5HU. 

Maybe you have a dog who can not be trusted off lead? or you have an antisocial or nervous dog? or maybe you just want a private field to use?, whatever the reason Lowfield Meadow is perfect for you. 

Fully enclosed with 5ft high fence with rabbit wire at the base to deter any digging. Double gates with area to drive directly into the field and let your dog straight out of the vehicle. Seperate sterile dog run area for smaller dogs or for any special activities. Main area open grass and has a corner summer house for you to sit under shelter and view the entire area. Maybe bring a picnic?