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Rabbit Rock Field


4 - 6 Feet Fence Height; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; 4 - 6 Acres; Moray; A Water supply Available; .deer fencing type; A Coded Locked Gate User access only; A. Livestock and horses can be present in adjacent fields in view; A. Seating or Benches Available


Welcome to Rabbit Rock Field!

Please ring 07443 479111 for more information and to book. You can see more details of our Charges, Field Rules etc. on our Facebook page

Basic cost (not for commercial dog walkers): £10 per 50 minute slot for any number of dogs, maximum one vehicle, must be paid in advance by Internet Banking (for other payment options please contact us).

Commercial dog walkers or more than one vehicle please contact us.

Please read the Field Rules and Disclaimer carefully before booking.


Our new secure dog walking field is located in the heart of Speyside and has stunning mountain views. Having kept sled dogs for the last 35 years we know how difficult it can be to find a place where dogs, that are difficult to let off lead for whatever reason, can run to their hearts content without getting into trouble with livestock or traffic. Whatever your reason, whether your dog is uncomfortable around strange dogs or people, a keen hunter, or you just want some private peaceful time to yourself with your dog, Rabbit Rock secure field is the ideal place. All dogs need the opportunity to run and explore smells in order to have a quality of life. It was the need to provide our own dogs with such a facility that led to the idea of setting up Rabbit Rock Field and we very much hope that your dogs will enjoy it as much as ours do.

Rabbit Rock Field is approximately 6 acres enclosed by a brand new high quality 6 foot deer fence. In addition there is a 3 foot apron of ground wire on the inside in order to prevent any digging out and so that no gaps can open up at the base of the fence. This fencing is secure for the vast majority of dogs, but really little dogs would be able to get through the mesh as we do not want to exclude the smaller wildlife that abounds in the area. You will need to satisfy yourself that the fence is suitable for your particular dogs. Water is available inside the field near the gate but we don't provide bowls for hygiene reasons. Currently, there is not really any shade so care needs to be taken in very hot weather, although a tree planting programme is planned for the future.

The field is designed so that you can drive in and lock the gate before allowing your dogs out of the vehicle. There is a hard standing and turning area both inside the field and outside in order to allow for a smooth changeover. Slots are bookable on the hour and last 50 mins allowing a 10 minute changeover between users. Once you are in the field it is for your exclusive use and no-one else will be in it. In emergencies, the mobile phone signal is pretty good. Please call our mobile number which is displayed on the inside of the gate. Eventually, we will be living on site and will be able to deal with any problems promptly.