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The Pooches Play Park


Lincolnshire; Nottinghamshire; Yorkshire; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; 1 - 2 Acres; A toilet on site for humans; A. Seating or Benches Available; .An woodland; A. Mixture of fields and trees


The Pooches Play Park is a fabulous, fully secured, woodland area for available for folks and their dogs to use whilst helping to raise funds for rescue dogs. It is based at Wiccaweys Rescue Border Collies in Laughton, Lincolnshire.

The park is over 1800 meters squared and 6ft fenced all round. It is in a wonderful woodland setting, with lots of sniffing and running space, and it is a great space for dogs to explore. There are picnic benches for humans to sit and relax whilst their dogs enjoy themselves.  The park itself sits within a 10 acre woodland plot which is also entirely surrounded by a 6ft fence.  Parking is next to the park, and there is a toilet available on site.  Tea & Coffee is available for a donation.

The park is available 7 days a week, 9am - 11am, for personal use with your own dogs.

1 dog £7 for half an hour. 2 or more dogs £10 for half an hour.  Maximum 4 dogs.   All sessions must be booked in advance.  Please call to book: 07905 203254

A wonderful place to have off-lead fun with your dog in a safe, secure environment without the worry of coming face to face with strange dogs or people. Perfect for nervous or yellow lead dogs, practicing recall with a new dog or puppy, for deaf and blind dogs to have safe off lead time, and especially for those extra special dogs with selective hearing when off lead!