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Chichester Secure Dog Activity Park and Training Centre


Hampshire; West Sussex; 4 - 6 Feet Fence Height; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; A Fun Agility Course (Not Kennel Club Standard) Available; 2 - 4 Acres; 4 - 6 Acres; .deer fencing type; .has stock fencing; A toilet on site for humans; .An woodland; A.n open field; A. Mixture of fields and trees


We have a 4.5 acre secure dog walking field which is partly forested for dog exploration.  It's set next to a nature reserve which is peaceful and surrounded by other fields.

We have 6ft high deer fencing giving you peace of mind that your dog can explore and run freely even when out of site. Parking is provided for 8 cars for those family outings.


Circuit walk
Picnic bench
6ft Deer fencing
Meadow walk
Drinking water
Natural shade
Nature trails
Log piles for scent games
In / Out posts for agility
A platform to practice obedience
Small jumps
​On site parking
Secure dog release area
Training classes available
Dog bin provided


We can accept 1 dog between 7am and 9am and up to 6 dogs after 9am.


Click through to the Website of Facebook Page to make a booking page for secure quick booking.