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Murfield Meadow


Essex; Suffolk; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; 2 - 4 Acres; .deer fencing type; A Coded Locked Gate User access only


Secure, enclosed dog field in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Located on the outskirts of Hadleigh, Murfield Meadow is an enclosed dog exercise area providing your dogs the freedom and fun of free running!

Murfield Meadow measures approximately 2.5 acres and is secured with 1.9 metre high deer fencing with the ability to park on the field allowing easy access for your dogs in and out of your vehicle. Also additional rabbit fencing has been placed around the bottom of the deer fencing providing extra security and preventing your dogs from digging out.

Murfield Meadow is available to hire on an hourly basis and is the perfect space to exercise dogs with a high prey drive or reactive dogs that are normally not allowed off lead. In addition, if you have a noise sensitive or nervous/anxious dog Murfield Meadow provides a peaceful environment to help build your dogs confidence. Alternatively, the field can be used as a safe space to practice recall and obedience training.

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