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Foxley Paddock - Urchfont


Wiltshire; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; A Hardstanding Car Park; 4 - 6 Acres; .deer fencing type; .has stock fencing; A Coded Locked Gate User access only; A. Seating or Benches Available


**OPENING ON 29 JULY 2019**

Foxley Paddock is a 5.5 acre fully secure field situated just outside of Urchfont in Wiltshire. 

There is hardstanding for parking with the 'drive in' setup where you drive your vehicle fully into the field and close the gate behind your car. This means your dogs are safe from the moment you let them out of the car.

The field is fully secured with 1.9 metre high deer stock fencing. 

We are working on plans for a dog-safe pool/pond to be built in Autumn 2019.

£10 per hour.

Bookings can be taken online. Payment required up front. Cancellations with full refund must be made 24 hours in advance. Only one car permitted in the field at any one time and all dogs must be from the same household.

If field is required for professional use, please contact us in advance of booking.