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Welhams Farm Enclosed Dog Field

  • Lords Bridge, Redmore House, Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin, King's Lynn, PE34 3BP, United Kingdom

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Norfolk; 6 Feet Plus Fence Height; .An Exclusive Use Area ; 4 - 6 Acres; A.n open field


Just under 5 acre secure field hire

If you want a hassle free walk where you don’t have to worry about other dogs, people or recall fails, then our secure field hire is for you.  Not only is it completely secure with 6ft fencing the fence is also buried 1ft into the ground.

Parking and Access 

There is Off road parking for 3-4 cars and a pedestrian gate by the parking area, a large gate for vehicle access if required on request.


If you decide to hire the field, you will be the only user at the booked time.

Bookings can be made between 9am and dusk.  Further details are below.

Session Terms

As more and more people use the field we want to avoid the chance of users overlapping and unintentionally causing nervous dogs anxiety.  Therefore to avoid field users meeting, we have set the hire period at 55 minutes which starts on the hour and finishes 5 minutes to the hour – for example a 10am booked slot will start at 10:00am and finish at 10.55am.  We ask hirers to avoid turning up at the farm before their start time, and if they do by chance arrive when other users are still there, to wait in their car until they have left.  We also ask users to aim to be leave the farm on time so that the next arrival isn’t delayed starting.